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  1. NASA is planning a mission to Europe, the moon of Jupiter. “There may be life there”
  2. There are more genes in the human microbiome than stars in the universe
  3. Elon Musk warned humanity that “eventually a large cosmic rock will hit Earth”
  4. The premiere of Oppo Reno 2 with 20x hybrid zoom in August
  5. Robo policemen appeared in China. “There will be millions of them soon”
  6. The explosion of the nuclear propulsion system Buriewiestnik killed the Russian scientific elite
  7. Where to Watch Movies Online? 13 Free Streaming Sites
  8. Black matter is older than the Big Bang and is outside the universe
  9. Spectacular and historical images of the Sun from the Parker Solar Probe
  10. This is the great reanimation of the Polish Kreta that is hitting the Red Planet
  11. France will assemble weapons and lasers on its space installations
  12. Intelligent contact lenses were created to bring back the gadgets of the 007 agent
  13. Red Bull mechanics set a new pitstop record for 1.88 seconds! (movie)
  14. “Spider-Man: Far From Home”: Sony and Marvel do not understand their Spider-Man
  15. How to watch movies on my smartphone?
  16. India will carry out military exercises in space. “It’s preparations for wars”
  17. The moon surprised us again. “There is a lot colder than we thought so far”
  18. IBM’s technology has shown Hypertaste, an electrical language that can analyze fluids
  19. Elon Musk technology will reveal the brain-computer interface in the next 24 hours
  20. Astronomy Israel recognized that it landed on the moon, so now it’s time to conquer the Red Planet