Elon Musk warned humanity that “eventually a large cosmic rock will hit Earth”

The head of SpaceX spoke about the information appearing again in the media that the famous asteroid 99942 Apophis would hit our planet in 10 years, and we are therefore completely defenseless.

Today, the threat from her is still high, because we still have too little information about the object, but it is certain that Apophis exactly on Friday April 13, 2029 will fly as close to our planet as no other object of such a large diameter technology boss. The 330-meter rock will approach us at a distance of only 30 thousand kilometers, which is 12 times closer than the moon is. There are hundreds of telecommunications satellites in this space.

Space agencies from various countries of the world have started feverish preparations to meet this mysterious and terrifying cosmic rock. Undoubtedly, it will be one of the best opportunities in our life to carry out research on this type of objects. That is why Apophis is still so popular in the world of astronomy, space industry and media.

NASA has recently even asked SpaceX to help carry out one of the key missions to the security of humanity called DART. Scientists intend to try to change the orbit of the asteroid that potentially threatens Earth. Many conspiracy theorists believe that agencies are hiding something from us. Meanwhile, the most important thing is that the mission will test technologies that help neutralize such cosmic rocks as Apophis. The DART mission is to start in two years (see here).

Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter profile that eventually the cosmic rock will hit Earth, and we are now defenseless against them. Of course, the boss of SpaceX is absolutely right. Sooner or later, there will be a collision, as was already the case in history. That is why NASA and other space agencies are already carrying out missions and are planning new ones that will allow us to remedy this problem. However, the best solution will be to create the first colonies on the Moon and Mars. They will allow parts of humanity to survive if a global disaster occurs.

Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon, also encourages more activity in space. His company Blue Origin is planning not only cargo and manned flights to the Moon, but also the construction of a colony and the first city in Earth orbit, where millions of people could eventually live (see here). Meanwhile, Musk plans to bomb Mars with nuclear bombs and wants to create a greenhouse effect there, to warm up the climate and bring its conditions closer to Earth (see here).

Although billionaires’ plans are more reminiscent of science fiction scenarios than reality, it’s better to prepare plans and start implementing them than to sit with folded arms and wait for the cosmic rock to fall on our heads, as it was during the reign of dinosaurs.


Updated: August 20, 2019 — 7:07 pm