Intelligent contact lenses were created to bring back the gadgets of the 007 agent

If you’ve ever dreamed about a car and gadgets from the movie about the popular James Bond, now you can implement the plans, at least partially … all thanks to intelligent contact lenses.

Contact lenses in themselves have proved to be a huge breakthrough and an alternative for people who have eye defects, but for a variety of reasons do not like to wear glasses. Now scientists have found a way to further increase the circle of their fans, all by equipping them with the function of zooming objects after a double blink. Does this not resemble future-proof technology in Hollywood production?

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have created their amazing contact lenses by measuring the electro-stimulatory signals that are generated when we move the eye in different directions and blink – the appropriate pulses are generated even in total darkness. Electrogulographic signals are used, for example, in ophthalmic diagnostics or eye movement detection, eg in the human-computer interface for people with disabilities.

Now, however, they will have one more application, namely the creation of lenses that are able to change their focal length depending on the signals generated by the eye. Researchers used an intelligent material called dielectric elastomer to change the form of soft lenses, while allowing focal length changes of up to 32%. This allows the lens wearer to focus on a specific object and zoom in on it by double-blinking the eye.

Potential application? According to scientists, almost unlimited, from such obvious as eye prostheses, adjustable glasses or remote controlled robots, to much more specialized, including military ones. Of course, we have no guarantee that any government agency will be interested in this project in the last of these aspects, but it can not be concealed that it is not difficult to imagine such lenses as an accessory to spies or soldiers.

Updated: July 30, 2019 — 10:11 pm