New on Netflix Great films with Tom Hanks and Channing Tatum

New on Netflix: Great films with Tom Hanks and Channing Tatum

At the beginning of the month, the streaming service is adding some well-known, very good films to its program, including “Captain Phillips” with Tom Hanks as the savior and “Logan Lucky” with Channing Tatum as the gangster.

Tom Hanks steals reliability and integrity like no other acting star: He is the fatherly friend whose advice you can rely on – and the one person you want to be as captain of a robbed ship, as in the dramatic thriller “Captain Phillips “.

“Captain Phillips”

“Captain Phillips” is available on Netflix from September 1, 2020 and is an exciting deep sea thriller based on an actual pirate attack off the Somali coast in 2009.

The staging by director Paul Greengrass, the master of immediate, escalating stressful situations, provides the tension, while Hanks plays a very human heroic figure: He has no Teflon soul, but fear of death, but at the same time is driven by a rousing determination.

“Logan Lucky”

Also today the crook comedy “Logan Lucky” is included in the program on Netflix. The versatile but always charming Channing Tatum plays a straightforward, honest construction worker named Jimmy Logan who would have become a football star if he hadn’t seriously injured his knee. The whole Logan family has a lifetime subscription on bad luck, but a major break should finally bring about a turning point.

“Logan Lucky” is a humorous feel-good action comedy by Steven Soderbergh, who gave his ensemble free rein – besides Tatum, Adam Driver as Jimmy’s brother Clyde and Daniel Craig, whose gangster is called Joe Bang (!), Are particularly convincing and who couldn’t have pulverized his Bond image here with greater enthusiasm Movie4k.

Also new to Netflix today and recommended:

Also new to Netflix today and recommended:
“Lock Up – Survival is everything”
“Ender’s Game”
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out Of The Shadows”

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