How to watch movies on my smartphone?

How to watch movies on my smartphone

Buy movies and series on a smartphone This is the most accessible solution, with most smartphones offering a dedicated application. Start a search on your smartphone. Do you have a “movies” or “videos” app? If this is the case, open it. A simple click on the link “store”, “shop” or “buy” will transfer you to […]

India will carry out military exercises in space. “It’s preparations for wars”

The country is making efforts to join the group of world superpowers, which for some time have been creating their cosmic armies to defend orbital installations and future bases on extraterrestrial objects. India recently conducted a very dangerous experiment, during which they destroyed their satellite in orbit. The venture was fully successful, and the fact […]

Astronomy Israel recognized that it landed on the moon, so now it’s time to conquer the Red Planet

The country had ambitious plans related to the Silver Globe. After the failed landing in April, Beresheet wanted to send a second mission there. Now, however, SpaceIL’s plans have changed 180 degrees. The Israeli authorities and the people involved in the lander mission initially acknowledged that the mission was a disaster, because the device at […]