An autonomous car has to face such a nightmarish reality on the roads Cruise, supported by GM, has prepared a great film that can vividly make us all aware of the extreme road situations autonomous vehicles have to face.

This technology is undoubtedly the future of the automotive industry, as there are several hundred companies involved in its development around the world. In the future, it will be integrated with the Smart City's intelligent infrastructure. Thanks to it, road transport in metropolises will be more efficient, and our safety will increase significantly.

We won't have to waste tens of minutes every day standing in traffic jams. Rides by autonomous and fully electric vehicles will also be much cheaper, as small, ecological public transport will be very popular.

Cruise engineers are one of hundreds of such teams working on AI systems in the automotive industry. You can see the results of their progress on best streaming YouTube channel. They point out that most people believe that the preparation of such technology is no big deal. And so it would in fact be, if not for the thoughtless behavior of city dwellers.

In the video you can see what a huge threat they pose to vehicle traffic, and above all to yourself. Passers-by can run into the street at red light, pass in forbidden places, get out of cars in the middle of the street, drive over the road with bicycles and motorbikes, and even enter the intersection at high speed without even looking around.