For 18 months the old TV set broke the internet connection of the whole town Imagine how frustrating it must be to deal for months with no internet or a very slow connection every day at the same time when we have something important to do.

Such a story happened to the people of Welsh Aberhosan every day at 7am for 18 long months, and no one could say why. The whole case was reported by the British internet provider, who regularly sent their engineers to the site, but those most often returned with a receipt - the link was fine, but to be sure, most of the cabling was replaced, which, as you can easily guess, did not bring any improvement. As Michael Jones, an engineer at Openreach, informs us, as we are talking about this operator, as part of the final test, it was decided to send a special team from the headquarters to carry out a detailed "investigation".

After noobhomepage engineers had exhausted practically all other options, they decided to reach for a spectrum analyzer and from 6 am to walk around the village in search of any electrical noise that could cause interference. And then ... at 7 am, like clockwork, it happened! Our device picked up a large burst of electrical noise in the village, Jones explains. It was possible to trace the source that led the engineers to the property with an old TV that was causing a strong SHINE (Single High-level Impulse Noise) interference. Its owner turned it on every day at 7 am, while completely unknowingly breaking the internet connection throughout the village!

Of course, as soon as the owner found out that his old second-hand TV was the cause of all the fuss, he immediately turned it off and promised never to use it again, but who knows what will happen when someone fails :) that the fault is also on the part of the operator, which uses a slightly outdated ADSL Broadband standard, susceptible to such interference, but Openreach has already declared that it will start implementing optical fiber this year. As the supplier representative explains the whole situation: - Everything with electrical components - from outdoor lighting, to a microwave oven, to surveillance cameras - can have a potential impact on the Internet connection. Therefore, we always recommend that you only use certified electronics that meet current British standards.