There are already 600,000 5G base stations in China, connecting 150 million people The development of the 5G network constantly raises a lot of controversy, but not in the Middle Kingdom, which during the CoVID-19 pandemic, in the blink of an eye expanded the network of the future to a gigantic size.

While 5G masts are burning in Europe, and many of its opponents believe that it helps spread the coronavirus, in China there is no trace of the pandemic, and the 5G network is growing faster and faster. This week, hundreds of more masts are erected, creating a constellation of over 600,000 devices in the country. The plans are ambitious, as many technology news 50,000 new masts are to be erected each month.

The government informs that 150 million inhabitants of the country are already within the reach of the network of the future. This means that we are talking here about every 10 citizen who uses the 5G network on a daily basis. China is now a global pioneer in the development of this technology. They even overtook South Korea, which was the first to launch it last year.

China is not idle. The government announces that in the next two years all Chinese will have permanent access to 5G, and with each subsequent year it will offer faster and faster connections. We would like to remind you that the authorities and the largest telecoms there have already started work on the 6G network, which is to be launched commercially in 2028.

The CoVID-19 pandemic has greatly helped telecoms in the rapid development of the 5G network. The transition of many office workers to remote work and equipping shops and hospitals with modern technologies, including servicing carried out by robots, resulted in the need to increase the capacity of national telecommunications networks.

Huawei boasted about building a groundbreaking 5G transmitter. Thanks to it, not only the infrastructure will be able to be expanded much faster in cities, but also in very difficult terrain, such as in the mountains. The 6-band CableFree antenna technology has an increased radiation efficiency of up to 20 percent, while being 10 kilograms lighter than currently used structures. The entire 5G network installation now weighs only 50 kilograms.

We would like to remind you that China Mobile has recently installed 5G base stations on the slopes of the roof of the world, i.e. Mount Everest. 5G antennas are to ensure fast communication of mountaineers with the global network and emergency services. In times of enormous popularity of social networking sites, enthusiasts of conquering the highest mountain peaks will be able to combine pleasant with useful and report on a dangerous trip on their blogs, profiles and channels.