This is what the Unreal Engine looks like in the Hummer's electric infotainment system The new electric king of the road will be the first vehicle in the world to use a graphics engine that we know well from computer games. Driving a Hummer is meant to be an unforgettable experience.

Epic Games announces that with the premiere of the new Hummer, it will enter the automotive world with its amazing graphics engine. Thanks to it, car infotainment systems are to change beyond recognition for better journeys in cars of the future, which will be fully ecological and autonomous.

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) from Epic Games are to start appearing in more and more new vehicles of the world's largest manufacturers. The visualization of various data important for the driver in vehicles is very lame. Placing more and more displays on car decks determines their practical use.

Epic Games is here to help. The company announces that slicktips will provide engineers with its applications so that they can design a much better infotainment system. We can count on the fact that new premium class vehicles will start to see very eye-catching animations and visualizations of information from navigation, radars or cameras, which will help drivers to better orientate themselves in the field, and at the same time to reach their desired destination faster, more efficiently and safely. .

The electric Hummer, meanwhile, is expected to arrive next year. So far, little is known about him. The company only revealed that the vehicle from GM will offer nearly 1,000 kilometers of range on a single battery charge and acceleration known to us from supercars. Hummer will compete with, among others, Cybertruck from Tesla. Both vehicles have loyal fans and have something that will give them great sales.