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The latest WWF report reveals the tragic state of wildlife

Human activity is having an increasing impact on reducing the biodiversity of our planet, and from the latest WWF Living Planet report we can find out what the damage looks like in the last 50 years. This comprehensive analysis of the state of the natural environment, created in cooperation with over 125 experts from around the world, the most important element of which is the Living Planet Index, reflecting global trends in the population of wild animals, shows that the lack of sustainable human activity is pushing the planet's natural systems to the edge of their possibilities. For example, since the seventies of the last century, the average number of surveyed populations of vertebrates, i.e. mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, has decreased by 68%, which is a catastrophic result!

He hacked the coffee machine and demanded a ransom ... in the name of security

Telephones, televisions, cameras, weather boxes, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and coffee machines ... can be changed endlessly, because nowadays everything must be smart. On the one hand, it has many advantages, but on the other hand, it brings completely new risks that we did not even realize. Especially since the Internet of Things is full of unsecured devices just waiting for someone with the right skills to hack them and turn them into an extortion and money making machine. You don't believe? Then just look at this coffee machine that, after hacking, was asking for a ransom!

Emergency services are already using the Starlink space internet from SpaceX

SpaceX announced that emergency services in California and Washington have just received access to the cosmic Internet. There are such great fires, so the servants have their hands full. Starlink now helps them in fast and stable communication. Thanks to it, firefighters, police and medics can quickly exchange information between each other and the command center and better plan their tasks.

Scientists have developed a wearable device that detects epileptic seizures before they occur

Researchers at Israel's Ben-Gurion University have developed a wearable device that will alert epileptic patients that they will experience an attack within an hour or so. This is a really breakthrough solution, because it gives a chance to prepare for a seizure attack, for example by going home or notifying a loved one, which in many cases may mean protection of health or even life. Especially that although some people actually respond to treatment that significantly reduces the frequency of seizures, 30% of patients suffer from drug-resistant epilepsy, i.e. epilepsy where, despite the use of drugs, seizures cannot be stopped.

It is for sure, the US military is building a nuclear propulsion system for space travel

Although the topic is not new, because we have been informing you about a completely new approach to fast travel through space via nuclear propulsion technology for about 3 years, only this year we receive more and more assurances that these are not just boasts. The Pentagon gave the green light to NASA and DARPA to develop the concept of such propulsion. The agencies started cooperation with BWX Technologies and Gryphon Technologies. They received grants in the amount of several million dollars for the development of their projects. We learn from unofficial sources that its engineers not only have ready-made designs, but the construction of the first prototypes is already underway.

This robot will be exploring the mysterious Phobos, the moon of Mars in 5 years

The coming years promise to be excellent in terms of space exploration. We will return to the moon and fly to Mars for the first time, as well as thoroughly examine its moons, which may hold more interesting news about the history of the Red Planet than the planet itself. At least that's what scientists from Germany, France and Japan are preparing a mission called Martian Moons Exploration (MMX).

Protective masks reduce the strength of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus by a thousand times

Recently, we could see the results of research by Japanese scientists who used the world's most powerful supercomputer, called Fugoku, in their experiments. And now scientists from Italy have published their research. In both cases, we get confirmation that protective masks are the most effective weapon in the fight against CoVID-19.