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The latest WWF report reveals the tragic state of wildlife

Human activity is having an increasing impact on reducing the biodiversity of our planet, and from the latest WWF Living Planet report we can find out what the damage looks like in the last 50 years. This comprehensive analysis of the state of the natural environment, created in cooperation with over 125 experts from around the world, the most important element of which is the Living Planet Index, reflecting global trends in the population of wild animals, shows that the lack of sustainable human activity is pushing the planet's natural systems to the edge of their possibilities. For example, since the seventies of the last century, the average number of surveyed populations of vertebrates, i.e. mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, has decreased by 68%, which is a catastrophic result!

It is the richest people in the world who are responsible for the galloping global warming

As reported by The Guardian, only 1 percent of the richest people on our planet (approx. 63 million people) are responsible for the emission of twice as much greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as the poorer half of humanity, i.e. 3.8 billion people. This is indicated by the results of studies prepared on the basis of data collected in the years 1990-2015. At present, it is even worse in this matter.

For 18 months the old TV set broke the internet connection of the whole town

Such a story happened to the people of Welsh Aberhosan every day at 7am for 18 long months, and no one could say why. The whole case was reported by the British internet provider, who regularly sent their engineers to the site, but those most often returned with a receipt - the link was fine, but to be sure, most of the cabling was replaced, which, as you can easily guess, did not bring any improvement. As Michael Jones, an engineer at Openreach, informs us, as we are talking about this operator, as part of the final test, it was decided to send a special team from the headquarters to carry out a detailed "investigation".

Here is the first such accurate picture of the extrasolar planet Beta Pictoris c

Here is a picture of the exoplanet Beta Pictoris c, which orbits a star twice the size of the Sun called Beta Pictoris. The objects are in the constellation Painter, 63 light-years away, or some 630 trillion kilometers. Despite this, it can be seen with the naked eye from the surface of our planet. Interestingly, the host star of this exoplanet is very young, being only 12 million years old. It is worth adding here that the Sun has been around 4.6 billion years.

This is what the Unreal Engine looks like in the Hummer's electric infotainment system

Epic Games announces that with the premiere of the new Hummer, it will enter the automotive world with its amazing graphics engine. Thanks to it, car infotainment systems are to change beyond recognition for better journeys in cars of the future, which will be fully ecological and autonomous.

There are already 600,000 5G base stations in China, connecting 150 million people

While 5G masts are burning in Europe, and many of its opponents believe that it helps spread the coronavirus, in China there is no trace of the pandemic, and the 5G network is growing faster and faster. This week, hundreds of more masts are erected, creating a constellation of over 600,000 devices in the country. The plans are ambitious, as many as 50,000 new masts are to be erected each month.

Protective masks reduce the strength of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus by a thousand times

Recently, we could see the results of research by Japanese scientists who used the world's most powerful supercomputer, called Fugoku, in their experiments. And now scientists from Italy have published their research. In both cases, we get confirmation that protective masks are the most effective weapon in the fight against CoVID-19.