The famous physicist believes that we will develop the “theory of everything” by 2100

Humanity has been exploring our planet since the dawn of time, and recently also space in search of answers to fundamental questions: where we come from and where we are going. Soon, everything will become clear to us.

At least that’s what Michio Kaku, the famous theoretician physicist, who recently visited our country claims. A few days ago, he also took part in the popular AMA event on the popular Reddit website, where Internet users could ask him various and most complicated questions about the current state of knowledge of the scientific world and interesting theories.

According to one of the world’s largest disseminators of knowledge about space, by the end of this century we will establish contact with foreign civilizations, stop the aging process, develop an artificial brain and prove “the theory of everything”. She alone will allow us to explain the physics of the entire universe, from dark matter to quantum mechanics streaming websites catalog. The physicist is personally involved in many projects that are to realize this beautiful vision.

Michio Kaku believes that we will develop the “theory of everything” by 2100. Fig. Michio Kaku / Twitter.

Despite the fact that this day will probably come after the death of Kaku, in one of his interviews he said it would be the most momentous event in the history of mankind. Of course, it will not affect the lives of most people living on our planet, such as the discovery of black holes and its first images, but man must constantly discover, because that’s his nature.

When someone asks us a question: why do we live, most of us will not be able to answer it exhaustively. Changing this reality will occur just after the discovery of the “theory of everything.” Then we will understand the essence of the Universe, the mechanisms of its development, we will be able to predict certain things and eventually we will begin to understand our place and role in it. Perhaps with this the concept conceived by Elon Musk that we are living in a very complex simulation will begin to be confirmed (see here).


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