Tip on Amazon Prime Video This thriller wont let you breathe for a second

Tip on Amazon Prime Video: This thriller won’t let you breathe for a second

The Safdie brothers recently gave the often spurned Adam Sandler real Oscar chances with “The Black Diamond”. The intellectual (and great) predecessor of the electrifying thriller has recently been available as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video.



“The Black Diamond” is a very special film. At first I didn’t know what to do with the hype surrounding the film that was released directly on Netflix in Germany. And when I saw him, I wasn’t sure whether Adams Sandler’s foray into the thriller genre just annoyed me as much as his comedies of recent years – or whether the film just overwhelmed me so much that I didn’t even get it knew what was happening to me.

After the second viewing – I now knew what I was getting into – there was no longer any doubt: Benny and Josh Safdie manage to get their audience (or at least me) so carried away at a young age that you can’t even imagine what because in the next few years we will have to face it.

In fact, I hadn’t seen any of the brothers’ films up until that point. So it suited me very well that Amazon Prime Video now added the directing duo’s previous film “Good Time” to its range …

Watch “Good Time” on Amazon Prime Video *

Watch “Good Time” on Amazon Prime Video *

That’s what “Good Time” is about

The petty crook Connie (usually great: Robert Pattinson) tears his mentally handicapped brother Nick (also great: Benny Safdie) out of his therapy session to rob a bank with him – and from then on pretty much everything goes wrong that can go wrong can.

Nick is caught by the police and a first attempt to get him bailed fails. In order to get the necessary change, his brother has no choice but to dive deeper and deeper into the New York underworld, where he not only has to deal with gangsters – he is also running out of time …

Electrifying hunt with Robert Pattinson

It only takes a few moments before the film not only develops an incredibly intense, almost engaging atmosphere, but at the same time develops such a high tempo that you can hardly avoid it. As soon as Connie picks up his brother right at the beginning, there is practically no breather until the end GoStream. A rare phenomenon – because even some of the best thrillers always have quieter passages in which the tension only slowly builds up.

But the Safdie brothers are not slow. Similar to Adam Sandler as a diamond dealer in “The Black Diamond”, Connie rides his way deeper and deeper into the shit, stumbling from one misery to the next, until one eventually wonders how he will ever get out of it.

Do you know those films that are just fun because you like to put yourself in the role of the protagonist? Who would like to know what if you could experience it all for yourself? “Good Time” is the exact opposite of that. Ironically, if there’s one thing Connie doesn’t have, this is a good time. But the viewer is even more so.


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