Where to Watch Movies Online? 13 Free Streaming Sites

Where to watch movies online? Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movies and TV Shows in English

I do not know about you but me, in front of my computer, when I’m not working, most of the time I’m watching a good movie. This is my favorite hobby. So here in this article are the best free streaming sites to watch full movies in english for free online.

You have two ways to consume movies and series: watch them free streaming without downloading or downright downloading them to your computer and / or smartphone for later viewing. Here we will focus on the first way.

Where to watch movies online? Best free streaming sites for watching movies and series in 2019. The best sites to stream free movies online. Free movie websites to view content without any risk of Internet hacking by legal and secure sources.

Looking for some sites to watch free movies and TV shows online for free, then you are in the right place. The Internet is on crackdown to remove all websites that stream movies and TV shows for free without any license. Seeing illegal transmissions that have no authorization is a crime and can end up in jail. Some countries have very strict limitations about the transmission of movies and TV online without ethics, both the accused and the author may face the anger of the judicial system. In most cases, the website developer is one of those who is punished.

But there are a good number of online websites that allow you to watch movies and TV shows online for free without legal complications.

These sites have digital rights to movies or simply explore the Internet to search for free-standing independent movies.

Almost all non-legitimate sites do not store movies on their web servers, but search the web directory and index. torrent finder To stream movies and TV shows online. Many online streaming websites on the Internet are of a misleading nature and only attempt to inject malware into your device. Free streaming of copyrighted content costs billions of dollars to the entertainment media and film production industry. Production houses are raising their voice against all unethical online content providers.

Illegitimate websites are potentially harmful and malicious to your system and data, as they have sufficient capacity to harass privacy and collect confidential information from your device. That’s why, today I created some of the best websites to watch movies online for free without any copyright infringement problem.

I do not download movies, series or music anymore.

It was not always the case… When I started using massively internet when I was a student, having access to thousands of music tracks, movies, series or manga could turn the head and lead to a frenzy of downloads. Even if the problem of the legality of the download was already posed. Internet connections were more than feeble before the advent of ADSL and fiber. Download a simple song could take an hour …

Today, I much prefer to subscribe to a legal streaming offer, Spotify for music and Netflix for movies / series in my case. With a regular income, I find it normal to spend a few euros a month to enjoy the catalogs of movies / series / music online. But we all have different attitudes to this problem. A friend asked me a few days ago about the difficulty of finding a free streaming site without having to create an account on the site. Here is a summary of some tips I gave him.

1. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a free movies streaming website that offers all movies and TV shows from around the world for free. The site directly streams movies from torrents and other global sources. Therefore, you can expect movies right after they are published in CAM quality. The site also offers HD movies with subtitle support. The site has categorized films by country, genre, popularity, etc., thus reducing the effort to find anything local. As the service offers content without any license, the site crashes frequently, but re-adjusts the URL. If you are looking for a free streaming service without any limitations, Yesmovies is the right choice.

Advantages about Yesmovies

Free streaming
– New movies are updated regularly.
– No account and subscription required
– High quality and subtitle support

Disadvantages About Yesmovies
– Illegal transmission
– You need VPN
– The site may be blocked.

2. 123movies

123movies is an online index of hosted files and various websites used to stream entertainment media, such as movies and television series. The site has been subjected to many judicial stretches and closed, but many mirrors and clones of the sites still work. 123movies once maintained a 250 rank in Alexa. The site broadcasts movies and TV shows for free without any account or subscription. Simply open the site and click on the movie to start watching the content for free. The site indexes pirated links and allows you to view online. The site may not work in some countries and you may need a VPN to view the programs.

Advantages about 123movies
– High quality movie streaming
– Latest Releases
– No account needed
– A great collection of movies.

Disadvantages About 123movies
– Illegal
– May need VPN
– Unstable domain

3. Putlocker

Putlocker is a video streaming site that allows users to stream pirated movies. The service provides visitors with a large catalog of titles, including new releases. As you can expect, you don’t need an account. Simply click on the title you wish to view and start streaming on any device connected to the Internet. You can watch recently appeared movies with theater printing within one day of the release. The service works by indexing torrents and uploads online. Putlocker is the online treasure for entertainment lovers. The site is usually blocked and therefore jumps back with different URLs from time to time.

Advantages about Putlocker
– Free streaming
– Subtitle Support
– No account needed
– Last releases
Disadvantages About Putlocker
– Unethical currents
– Unstable domain
– need VPN in some countries

4. Solarmovie

Solarmovie is another similar site that allows you to watch free movies and TV shows in HD using torrents and pirate material. It organizes several shows in the United Kingdom, the United States and around the world. The content may take a while to load, but once it starts, you can enjoy a clear viewing experience. The service, along with the programs, also offers all the content of the services on demand from Amazon , Hulu, Netflix, etc. The site has a very clean interface with fast navigation and a simple user interface.

Advantages about Solarmovie
– HD support
– Subtitle Support
– Less annoying ads
Disadvantages About Solarmovie
– Streams of torrent
– May need VPN
– Restricted for some countries



5. LosMovies

LosMovies is a popular movie streaming site with most titles that are broadcast directly from torrent sites and open video channels like Openload. YM transmits movies illegally, therefore, the site may be prone to change its domain very often to avoid the strikes of production companies. The homepage of the site beautifully presents a search bar where you are asked to search for your favorite shows or TV series that you want to watch. Users can watch and download several movies and TV series that include drama, animation, action, comedy, suspense, romance and more. You can also choose the country of your choice to view the content.

Advantages about LosMovies
– Free movie transfers and downloads
– Simple UI and easy navigation
– Subtitle Support
Disadvantages About LosMovies
– Copyrights…
– I need a VPN in some countries

6. CMovieshd

CmoviesHD is another similar movie streaming and download site that allows you to access pirated movies and programs for free. It is specifically curated for the Indian audience with Bollywood and Hindi Dub Movies. The new films are accessible through the site in CAM quality shortly after its release. The site also has originals and web series from other popular streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. CmoviesHD could be one of the oldest sites of this type and you can get all the movies you point to immediately with a few clicks. The site transmits content and television programs for free without any account or subscription. Simply open the site and click on the play button to start viewing the content for free.

Advantages about CmoviesHD
– Large library
– Regional Indian film and Dub
– Direct Download Links
– Latest Releases
Disadvantages About CmoviesHD
– Unethical
– You need VPN
– Blocked sites


Bobmovies and similar sites can be doubled as movie treasury. MR is not a legal download or download site, so you can expect all the Movies and Shows available here for free. Any new version will soon have its place on the Bobmovies site. The site is regularly blocked when the government and the production houses tried to take strong measures against pirated sites. But the service is rolled back with a new URL or new domain and, again, serves millions of users worldwide. Bobmovies is one of the most popular free content delivery platforms that primarily focuses on Indian movies and shows with Hollywood Dubs, all for free download and streaming. If the site does not work, try this method

Advantages about Bobmovies
– Free unlimited content
– Direct Download HD
– Latest movies in CAM quality
– Hindi Dub in large quantities
Disadvantages About Bobmovies
– Unauthorized Transmission
– You may need a VPN
– Sites continuously blocked
– Annoying Ads

8. FMovies

Fmovies is a streaming site with the latest TV shows and movies. It is similar to other sites of the same nature. You have the opportunity to see new movies shortly after its release. You can have access to the latest TV shows and movies from around the world. The service is simple to use, just look for the program and play. The website has a very simple player with subtitle support. Also, you don’t need much buffer if you move forward or backward. The web also has an alternative server, in case if it does not find the sequence. You can also download HD movies. There is also an option to create an account, but I do not recommend it.

Advantages about Fmovies

– Simple in design
– Fast loading without buffer
– Latest content
– Secondary support

Disadvantages About Fmovies

– Non-legal content
– VPN may be necessary
– A basic player with few options.
– Most movies are in SD quality.

9. VipMovies

Vipmovies is another similar site that allows you to stream the latest movies. The site has a very simple design. You can search for your favorite movie or TV show to start broadcasting immediately. But there is a problem, it is necessary to register with them to transmit the content. I recommended that you register with false credentials. These will keep your identity safe. The service works like other mirror sites by allowing you to enjoy the latest movies shortly after the theater premiere. You can also enjoy content in 4K subject to availability.

Advantages about Vipmovies

– Simple user interface
– A large number of movies and programs.
– Genre categories
– 4K HD support
– Easy to use

Disadvantages About Vipmovies

– Not many movie mirrors available



10. GoMovies

GoMovies is the best place to watch classic and B-series movies. You cannot stream the movies on the platform, but you can get a magnetic link to download the movies. With GoMovies you can have access to a classic collection of animation, suspense, comedy, action and more. Search for public domain torrents for free content available. This content is legal. You can download them and see them without hacking problems. If you are a retro lover, GoMovies is a good option where to watch movies online.

Advantages about GoMovies

– Simple user interface
– No ads
– Direct magnet link
– Old movies

Disadvantages About GoMovies
– No player
– Old content

11. AZmovies

Many free movie streaming services offer content from a particular site. But AZmovies combines several elements to provide a full-fledged experience. AZmovies is a complete platform that acts as a content aggregator, streaming service and torrent client, all in one. It allows you to stream movies, programs and programs live in one place with the help of add-ons that you can install on the Streamio. It is similar to Kodi but with some limitations. You where to watch movies online to cross devices with online synchronization.

Advantages about AZmovies

– All in a streaming service.
– Easy to use
– It works on add-ons
– Watch movies and live TV

Disadvantages About AZmovies
– Limited access
– All add-ons may not work

12. Mov4u

This is the great alternative for 123movies website in our view due to its fantastic features for users. The user interface is so impressive that you will feel as if you were streaming on Netflix. The next point here is that you can download any movie or TV show of any genre and in any language very conveniently. Some descriptions and ratings or comments on each movie are also present there, which helps users choose a movie from a wide range of movies. You can also search for any movie manually with the help of the search box that is there. Therefore, you can go to this website if you are looking for the best alternative Mov4u website.

Advantages about Mov4u

– free movies and tv series online.
– intuitive menu and interface
– fast updates

Disadvantages About Mov4u
– banners and popups
– dead mirrors

13. FilmClub

As the name of this website suggests, this website offers the best movies and TV shows to all users for free. Users can download free 4k movies by clicking on the link provided in the description. This website is also present in the list of the best alternatives of the FilmClub website. You can stream or watch any web series or movies online on this website for free. The user interface is also very good, like the Putlocker website. You will definitely enjoy using the secure FilmClub website.

Advantages about FilmClub

– free movies and tv series online.
– fast downloading
– fast updates

Disadvantages About FilmClub
– ads
– spam in comments

top 5 Legal movie streaming sites

1. Netflix

It is undoubtedly the giant to beat, its platform offers a universe of movies and series for all tastes, which even has original content and is currently the most popular worldwide.

It should be noted that to obtain this streaming service offered by Netflix you must subscribe and pay a monthly fee to enjoy unlimited movies and series, when you subscribe for the first time, Netflix gives you a free trial month where to watch movies online and from the second month you must pay for Enjoy the service.
Netflix can stream through several devices that connect directly to your television such as video game consoles (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and 4).

Also if you have a SmartTv with the Netflix application and Internet connection you can stream through it, smart devices such as Blu-ray players also have the direct application to Netflix to stream on your TV and enjoy all the series and movies you want.

The application is also available in the Apple App Store and Google Play to enjoy the service on any mobile device such as smartphones or tablets.

Netflix offers different plans so you can select the one of your choice, you can learn more by visiting their subscription page.



2. Amazon Prime video

Like Netflix, it has a wide variety of devices and operating systems that directly stream Amazon’s kindle, Android and Apple tablets and also televisions and consoles that can stream to your TV.

It has gained great popularity since Amazon Video also produces original content (which probably in what can give Netflix more competition). In fact, in 2015, his Mozart in the Jungle series won the Golden Globe for best comedy series, an award that no Netflix series has reached.

Additionally, it should be noted that Amazon Prime video is actually one of the benefits of Amazon Prime subscription that among other things, also includes faster shipments of purchases you make in this internet commerce giant, where to watch movies online makes its price Be quite competitive with Netflix.

3. HBO Go

In the HBO streaming service you can access all the episodes of your favorite series on this channel, (yes, Game of thrones), even if the chapter or movie was released the day before, you will have it available. Which represents a very big advantage over the other platforms.

However, to enjoy the HBO streaming service you must be subscribed to a pay TV company and in turn have the HBO channel contracted.

4. Fox Play

It has all the content of the FOX and FOX Premium channels.
You can enjoy series, movies, and live sports, documentaries and much more.
All this by downloading the application on your favorite device, so that you choose where to watch movies online and when you want to see it.
The advantage that it has over the previous ones is to be able to enjoy live sports, however, just like HBO Go, you must be a paid TV subscriber to enjoy FOX streaming.

5. Crackle

It can be used on mobile phones, computers and some streaming devices such as SmartTVs and consoles.
Crackle is not very strong in original content. The most popular of its products is Comedians in a Car Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.
Crackle is free, which is great. However, it is worth clarifying that (at least for now) the price to be paid are advertisements and a catalog of titles much smaller than that of the previous services.
So who offers more and better content?
As for better content, it is already a matter of consumer tastes.

In the quantitative aspect, Netflix has the largest number of films and series, with approximately 3,833 titles available (in Venezuela, for the United States there are more than 5000).
In addition Netflix has been responsible for producing a lot of original content in both series and movies, unlike those that you can see in streaming from the other providers that are in most cases, very old.

6. YouTube for free to watch movies

Just a few weeks ago, YouTube introduced a new category of movies for its viewers. Nicknamed the “Free to watch” category, it offers a healthy selection of movies that you can stream without paying a penny. All these movies are compatible with advertising, so they basically work like any other YouTube video. I love the movie collection here, since YouTube offers some of the best movies ever produced. At the time of writing this article, there are 99 titles with films such as the Rocky series, Terminator, IP Man and more. If you like free movies, you should definitely check this out.

7. Tubi

My favorite and probably my choice of the best movie sites is Tubi. While most of the other services offer movies that are quite old, thanks to its association with film producers such as Lionsgate, MGM, Starz and more, Tubi gives you access to a lot of movies that are relatively new . One of the good things about Tubi is that it not only works in a browser, but also has applications for various platforms, such as Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and more. To watch movies, you just have to sign up for a free account (no credit cards required) and you can watch hundreds of hours of free content.

8. Vudu

It is an excellent place to stream movies that are generally considered paid offers on other platforms. Their service does it by showing movies with advertising support and generating revenue from ads. This is a win-win situation for both viewers and the company, and makes them a worthy competitor for our list of the best movie sites. Thanks to this approach, they gives you access to movies like Rocky, Predator, Undisputed, Warrior and more. Vudu also introduces new (paid) movies like iTunes or Google Play Store so you can keep your selection of free and paid movies in the same place. If you like movies, definitely watch this.

9. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is ​​a great place to consume movies. First of all, it is available worldwide, so it does not face any content restrictions such as Sony Crackle or other restricted services mentioned in this list. Secondly, the website is very fast and offers very good transmission speeds, which makes it ideal for streaming movies if you have an Internet connection with lower speeds. Finally, there is also a good selection of movies here, so you will definitely find something interesting to watch. In addition to presenting studio films, Popcornflix also features many independent films, which is great news for lovers of independent films. Overall, this is a great place to discover and watch movies.

10. Viewster

This streaming service is for all anime lovers and is the best movie site for anime fans. While the service offers non-anime content, the genre of content featured here is anime . You can find a lot of good movies and anime series here, more than any other free movie streaming platform mentioned in this list. While I have not used this service much, I have heard quite good things about its content capabilities. In regards to performance, I had no problem transmitting content from this platform. If you like anime, definitely watch this.

11. Hotstar

This is for all Bollywood movie lovers. Hotstar is an online streaming service backed by a studio that offers a large selection of free and paid movies . While most new movies are paid for, the free Bollywood movie collection here isn’t that bad either. Also, if a movie does not work well at the box office, it is usually available in a few months. In addition to Bollywood movies, you also have access to international movies, series and more. If you like Bollywood movies, definitely check out.

12. Sony Liv

Another great place to watch Indian movies, and definitely one of the best movie sites for Hindi regional movies and movies, is Sony Liv, which gives you access to a lot of free and paid movies. In addition to Bollywood movies, the service also offers a large selection of movies in Telugu and Tamil, along with international movies. Like Hotstar, you can find many new movies here. I also love its transmission capabilities. While the website itself is not that good, the transmission speeds are very good. If you like Hotstar, then you will love this one too.

Data security and privacy concerns

Free streaming websites that are not providers of legal content are always critical due to data breach and privacy invasion problems. Rouge rouge are always looking for innocent netizens who could be victims. The use of free non-legal transmission services can also be a crime in your region due to litigation imposed by law. You may need a VPN in case the site does not work or is blocked.

Litigation varies from one country to another, it also depends on the material presented. Transmitting copyrighted material that you do not own without permission or paying for it is illegal. But above all the governing bodies point to the developers of the site.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a type of online services that hides your data by sending your web usage to another secure location. Forms a secure tunnel to provide end-to-end protection. Therefore, your ISP will not know what you are doing. In other words, it sends its data to a third country, which makes it difficult for the service provider to determine the user’s Internet behavior. In addition, you can access websites that are restricted by country using proxy services.

Miscellaneous Details

If you want to use the applications anonymously, you can try any VPN service such as nord VPN, which is available in the Google Play Store.
In case any of the sequences shows an error or problem during loading, you can also try any proxy server such as VPN to transmit the content.
If the site does not work or is causing some problems, I recommend that you clear the data and browser cache to fix it .
Conclusion: The publication collects some of the best websites to watch movies and TV shows for free without any account or subscription where to watch movies online. I have provided direct download links for sites that are completely legal and secure. If you have problems accessing or using the links, do not hesitate to comment below. Also, provide your valuable suggestions and ideas in the form of comments in the section below.

where to stream movies online

where to stream movies online

Stream free movie sites online and watch your favorite shows and shows in HD. The use of the sites is legal and you can use them without privacy or data leakage problems. Also, you’re not bombarded with all the creepy ads you face while on third-party streaming sites. The services mentioned above are free to use and can host a large number of movies on their sites. The above websites are very different from torrents, since they have the authorization to transmit, unlike proxy-based hacking sites.

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